Processing Tutorials

To start going over my processing skills i have been recommended to use the tutorials on the website. The first tutorial i used was the ‘hour of code’ tutorial where Daniel Shiffman, a programmer creates an online classroom where you can create processing scripts while watching his tutorial videos. He goes over how to create […]

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Web 2.0

In the brief i was also instructed to use my blogs to discuss topics in a broader context that are associated with the digital media environment. I thought that i would start by discussing and investigating into web 2.0 to give myself a broader understanding of the current definition of the online space we use […]

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Codeacademy – HTML/CSS

To start the unit i have decided to start the HTML/CSS course on code-academy. Overall i have found the course not at all difficult as most of it is going over what i already know, the course is well structured and progresses naturally into topics that increase in difficulty. Starting with the basic outline and […]

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Unit Brief

For my Design for Digital Media Environments resit task, i have been instructed in the unit brief to complete two online coding courses in code-academy. The courses are: html/css PHP Jquery I then have to use what i’ve learned to create three files that demonstrate my understanding of each coding language. I also need to look […]

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New Blog System

Following a seminar we had that detailed how we should structure our blog posts so that it follows a system. Below is a bullet point list detailing how i will structure each aspect of my blog page: I intend to position the images so that they are not overbearing in the blog post, if a user […]

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Entity Relationship Diagrams

Entity relationship diagrams is type of data modelling that graphically represents objects or concepts within an information system. They are commonly used in software engineering to be implemented in databases such as a relational database, the diagram is primarily constructed from entities and the relationships between them. An entity is simply defined as an aspect of […]

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CSS Positioning Workshop

For this workshop we revised over HTML and CSS positioning commands and were asked to create a simple wireframe for a webpage using CSS. To do this we had to get familiar with the different position properties and understand which property to use when trying to achieve a specific command. Static: A static position is […]

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