UCG Platforms

UCG stands for user generated content and refers to users of a program or website creating content that is normally shared online with social media. These types of content can be blogs, discussion forums, tweets, podcasts and video and audio files, UCG makes social media and the internet generally a more expressive environment for sharing user’s creativity and skill. For the homework task we were told to contribute towards an community based UCG environment. Wiki books is a open sourced collection of textbooks that anyone can edit, the website has almost three-thousand books with over fifty-thousand pages. These books vary from cookbooks and recipes to educational texts, i contributed towards the recipe for making toast as seen in the image below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.18.46

My contribution was creating a recipe for toast, which i’m sure is appreciated by anyone faced with the difficult challenge of making toast. I found the idea of wiki books really interesting as you don’t need to create an account to edit an article, making it a truly open source for knowledge.


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