Creation Process

I decided to use adobe illustrator to create my poster, as i have has past experience with the software and preferred the layout of features over Inkscape. Unfortunately I only have illustrator CS3 on my laptop, a much older version of the software compared to the CC version we used in workshops. I started the poster by aligning fifteen circle shapes along the circumference of a larger circle using the rotate tool, this made sure that the circles were evenly distributed and therefore aesthetically pleasing. I then placed images of the characters that i made circular using photoshop within the circle shapes and changed the colour of the border to either blue or red to distinguish the protagonists from the antagonists.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 22.05.16

I then added the title and the key that highlights a colour coding system, the colour of the line connecting two characters is based on their relationship whether they are allies, enemies, related, in a romance or whether either one of the character killed each other in the films. For the font i decided to use the iconic star wars typography that was downloaded from a typography and font website (

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 22.21.35

At this point before i went any further i considered tracing the images of the characters using the live trace feature, i experimented with this idea and decided it would be for the best as the images wont pixelate if they are traced onto vector graphics compered to a jpeg or bitmap image. Below is an example of the effect live tracing has on the image, i personally feel it makes the image seem more defined and clear with the more bold, purer minimalist use of colour.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 22.35.45

The next step of the technical process was creating the lines, which i did by using the ellipse tool to create a perfectly shaped semi circle to connect the two characters. I mainly focused on the main character, Luke Skywalker as he (the main character) has a relationship with almost all the characters whereas other characters e.g Yoda only interacts with Obi Wan and Luke in the films and therefore only needs to be linked to them. Overall i found the creation process exciting to do and it was good to finally see my original vision on screen.


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