Work shop 1 – Introduction to Inkscape and Illustrator

For our first practical workshop for the Development and Realisation unit we were given a simple overview into the features and techniques used in Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. Both of these softwares are used to design vector graphics, a form of graphic design that allows creators to make shapes and illustrations that can be shrunk and expanded to any size, with no consequential pixelation.


Inkscape is a free open sourced software that can be used for vector graphic design. I found the software to seem quite basic and plain compared to illustrator that seems to have a more extensive variety of features. Using the software i found that creating shapes and designs were easy but i felt that specific design processes seemed unnecessarily complex. Below is a Japanese style geisha doll vector graphic i created in Inkscape:

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 21.08.38


For our introduction to Adobe illustrator we were given a basic insight into the features of the software. We had a look at creating and manipulating shapes such as circles with the pucker tool, warp tool and the bloat tool.


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