Development and Realisation – Research

We were detailed in an introductory lecture about our new unit ‘Development and Realisation’ a unit comprised of two tasks, a design analysis and a communicated design. The main priority in the task is to create an A2 sized information graphic or infograph using vector graphics with design software’s like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. In our introductory lecture we we’re given the various possible themes or topics we can base our design on, one theme that stuck out to me was “How Star War’s character are related to each other”. I thought about this as a great opportunity to create a design surrounding one of my favourite film series, i conducted some research into past Star Wars themes infograph and found various examples as seen below:


Above is an infographic created by Mark Morera to illustrate the relationships between the characters in “The Phantom Menace”. Morera uses labeled and colour coordinated lines to connect and visualise the interrelations between the characters.


Above is a infograph that follows the style of a relationship chart, a design that includes the characters in the film or other fiction surrounding the perimeter of a circle shape with lines, colour coordinated and labeled in a key that connects the characters to show their relationship. In this instance for the character in The Fast and the Furious. I would be interested in doing a design similar to this for my Star Wars infographic as my research has told me that no relationship chart has been made that follows the same graphical conventions as the one above.


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