In our first workshop we were introduced to ‘Processing’ a java-based programming environment that allows user to create animations and imagery purely with the use of programming code. The system is set up of the user writing in lines of code with an instruction at the start of the line and then further information to describe to the computer exactly what you want to see on screen. For example to create a rectangle you would write:


The ‘rect’ is the main instruction or function that is interoperated by the computer to draw a rectangle. The first two numbers within the brackets or parentheses are the coordinates of where the top left corner of the rectangle is going to go. The other numbers are the width and height of the rectangle that is measured in pixels.

Another exercise we went into is how to code loops, specifically a draw tool that leaves a trail of circles that are positioned where ever the cursor is pointing:

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 23.59.13

This was my first time programming using Java, and i was surprised to how creative and easy it was to get used to.


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