Processing sketch – Creation

For my sketches on Processing i retrieved some examples from processing.js/learning but customised and tweaked them to my liking. The first sketch is a polygon that follows the cursor on the screen and seems gelatinous when it moves. I changed the numbers of sides from 5 to 4 making it a square and changing the […]

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PHP file – Creation

For my PHP file i decided to create a simple array, a PHP array is simply a list of information or a map of information. Arrays within PHP have many different uses such as a list, hash table, dictionary, collection and a stack. Arrays are created from various different key casts such as: Strings – […]

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HTML/Jquery Page – Creation

I have decided that for my webpage (that will include a css and jquery file) i am going to make a simple pixel paint webpage where the user can colour in individual boxes/pixels (or divs). I first started with the html side of the web page: <!doctype html> <html> <head> <title>Jquery Pixel Paint!</title> <link href=”styles/styles.css” […]

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Codeacademy – Jquery completion

I have completed the online course for jquery on code-academy. Overall i found jquery a very interesting, it helped me understand how to make websites and elements within a web page more interactive and animated. I found the course challenging at times and at other times very straight forward, i was surprised as to how little code […]

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Codeacademy – Jquery

I have started my online codeacedmy course to better my understanding of Jquery. Jquery is a cross platform javascript library that’s used for DOM (Document object model), events and effects and animations. At the moment i am finding Jquery interesting but i definitely need to practice further as i am still unfamiliar with the syntax. At […]

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Processing Tutorials

To continue my understanding of processing scripts i have had a look at two different tutorials provided on the processing website. The first one, colour by Daniel Shiffman goes into detail about how colour is recorded and represented on not just processing by digital formats. He details the simplest scale of colour which is the grayscale […]

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